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AM103 Communication Module

Modular LTE/3G/2G Communication Unit for Honeywell Elster Electricity Meters

The AM103 LTE (4G) is based on mobile radio technology of the 4th generation and guarantees thereby a stable and fast communication solution thanks to the fallback level to 3G and 2G.

Both modules are designed for the Honeywell Elster electricity meters AS3000 and AS3500. Both modules have a customer interface according to DSMR.

Thanks to the modularity, already installed meters can be retrofitted with the AM103 and integrated into the smart metering system.

Application area

The modules are used for spot meter reading of photovoltaic and wind power plants as well as industrial customers. In addition, it is used in S-FSK and G3-PLC based smart metering systems in remote or signal-sensitive areas.

AM103 Key data

  • Use with AS3000 and AS3500
  • AM103: LTE/3G/2G
  • Kundenschnittstelle DSMR P1

AM103 References

AM103 and AM110 Communication Modules are in use with the following customers::

  1. BKW
  2. SAK
  3. Sinergy

Further references or details of the references are available on request.

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