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Semax Amera DC
G3-PLC Data Concentrator

Modern G3-PLC Data Concentrator

The Amera DC Data Concentrator is based on the modern and robust G3 PLC technology.

The Amera data concentrator connects the smart metering system to the meter via G3-PLC technology in the CENELEC A or FCC band. The data concentrator stores the data from the connected meters using 6LoWPAN (acronym for “IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Network”). Otherwise, it transfers the data from and to the HES (Head end System) via standard TCP/IP communication via

  • Ethernet,
  • LWL or
  • 4G Modem with Fallback 3G/2G.

Application Area

The G3 Powerline Communication technology enables cost-effective and robust communication between the meter and the system. This technology is suitable for less as well as densely populated areas. Distances of up to 1 km can be covered between individual meters. G3-PLC is based on the use of multiple, parallel communication frequencies (OFDM) and is therefore robust against sources of interference such as frequency converters.

Amera DC Key Datas

  • Use with Amera System
  • Cenelec A and FCC
  • Ethernet and LWL connection
  • LTE connection
  • CH Data security certification
Semax Amera Datenkonzentrator

Amera DC References

Amera DCs are used by the following customers:

  1. SAK
  2. Sinergy
  3. EW Zermatt

Further references or details of the references are available on request.

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