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Semax Honeywell Elster AS3500
Industry & Commercial Meters

Electronic Electricity Meter for commercial and industrial applications
Direct or transformer connected

AS3500 Key Datas

• High measuring accuracy and measurement stability

Exchangeable Communication Modules, exchangeable without breaking the calibration seal

• 4 Quadrant measurement (+P,-P,+Q,-Q,Q1..Q4)

• 4 eEnergy and 4 power tariffs, independently controllable

Measurement of active, reactive and apparent power

Calibratable load profile memory – can be divided into up to 8 measuring channels, – various storage modes

AS3500 References

The AS3500 meter is used by the following customers:

  1. SAK
  2. EKZ
  3. AEW

Further references or details of the references are available on request.

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