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Our Services

Based on our many years of experience with meters, communication technologies, systems and processes, we offer you all the services you need for your smart metering system:

We advise

We advise our customers in a demand-oriented and comprehensive way on:

We implement

We efficiently implement smart metering systems for our customers:

  • Implementation of intelligent metering system according to StromVV
  • KMS and HSM
  • Interfaces to peripheral systems
  • Configuration of communication
  • Configuration of intelligent metering

We integrate

On behalf of our customers, we integrate

  • The Amera system into existing billing systems
  • The Amera system into existing MDM/EDM systems
  • Existing meters:
  • Segment meters (water, gas, heat)
  • Industry/commercial meters
  • household/smart meters
  • Ripple control functionality

We expand

We are expanding the smart metering system for our customers:

We maintain

We maintain the intelligent metering system on behalf of our customers:

  • Adaptation of processes
  • System Service and Maintenance (System Health Check)
  • System Back-Up
  • System updates
  • Meter or module FW updates
  • Data concentrator firmware updates

We expand

At the request of our customers, we expand the playing field around the smart metering system:

  • Process upgrades
  • System upgrades
  • Meter, module or data concentrator updates
  • New communication technologies
  • Integration of additional meters
    • Segment meters (water, gas, heat)
    • Electricity meters
  • Hosting: SaaS/ASP

We support

On behalf of our customers, we support the processes around the smart metering system:

  • System optimisation
  • Process improvement
  • Optimisation of communication
  • Analysis and recommendations for action
  • Hosting: SaaS/ASP

We protect

We offer our customers special protection around the smart metering system:

  • Analysis and recommendations for action
  • Data security in operation according to VSE Addendum 2
  • Documentation of the operating processes
  • System Back-Up
  • Security updates, key change

Our References Services

The following customers benefit from our services:

  1. ewz
  2. SAK
  3. EW Obwalden

Further references or details of references are available on request.

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