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Pioneering smart metering project from ewz

Together with our partners Netinium BV and Ensor AG, we are very pleased to have been awarded the contract by ewz, the electricity company of the city of Zurich. The planned undertaking by ewz is groundbreaking and includes several innovations. Smart electricity meters are connected to Netinium’s high-performance system and other ewz components via the city’s fibre-optic network, most of which was also built by ewz. In addition to automated billing, this also allows the quality of the distribution network to be analysed across the board for the first time. This requirement will become more important in the future due to the decentralisation of our electricity grid. The system approach also supports dynamic tariffing in the future, which makes new incentives for end customers and modern load management strategies possible. Of course, the new Swiss data security guidelines are implemented in the project, such as a complete process automation of the installation and switching processes. The international project team is working with agile project management methods and is being coordinated by ewz.

Our partners:

Netinium BV develops and distributes reading systems for large energy suppliers and is an expert in the automation of business processes. In the Netherlands, for example, Alliander operates a Netinium system with currently more than 5 million integrated electricity, gas and water meters.

Ensor AG develops and produces electricity meters in Switzerland. The devices include high-performance measurement sensors and several system and customer interfaces such as NFC. The products are uncompromisingly designed for Swiss energy suppliers.

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