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Semax Connectivity
SMX Mobile & Swisscom SIM Cards

Semax has developed two M2M solutions optimised for smart metering together with its telecommunication partners.

With both solutions, we are happy to offer to supply your meters with SIM cards plugged in.

SMX Mobile

With the SMX Mobile solution, you benefit from roaming (Europe area), which provides faster and more secure coverage, especially in critical areas, because the best provider and the most modern technology is used (no traffic steering). Furthermore, this also creates redundancy compared to individual telco provider solutions.

We are pleased to offer you a concept with two versions in the “Semax SMX Mobile” quotation: The LINEAR model and the MAXI model. The LINEAR model (approx. 1MB per month) is best suited for meter reading with low data volumes, while the MAXI model (> 10MB) is used for data concentrators with high data volumes.

Your own APN: Optionally, it is also possible to transfer the offered solution to your own customer roaming APN at a later date without having to exchange any SIM cards. Last but not least, this allows you to optimise costs if you have a large number of SIM cards.

SMX Mobile IoT

The connection of smart electricity meters with “SMX Mobile IoT” takes place via Swisscom’s Narrowband-IoT and LTE-M radio access technologies. These radio technologies belong to the cellular “Low Power Wide Area” networks. Narrowband IoT impresses with its high building penetration capability. This makes it possible to reach smart meters in places where reception is difficult, in basements or remote areas. LTE-M has greater scalability in data rates (impact of firmware updates) and fast latency (10-200ms). The SMX Mobile IoT offer includes 3MB of data volume.

Our Connectivity’s References

Our SIM cards are used by the following customers:

  1. SAK
  2. Sinergy
  3. EW Zermatt

Further references or details of the references are available on request.

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