About us

We offer comprehensive products and services for your smart metering system – with the Semax Guarantee.

Based on our extensive expertise in all areas of smart metering, we stand for:

  • Efficient roll-out

  • Stable operation

  • Sustainable investment

Our Team


Dominic Lendi

Geschäftsführer dominic.lendi@semax.ch 
041 508 12 12

Severin Fischer

041 508 12 12

Andreas Wirtz

041 508 12 12


Urs Kürzi

Produkt / Vertriebsspezialist
041 508 12 12

Daniel Limacher

Produkt / Vertriebsspezialist
041 508 12 12

Raphaël Peter

Produkt / Vertriebsspezialist
041 508 12 12

Jörg Tschudy

Produkt / Vertriebsspezialist
041 508 12 12

System Team

Werner Cavegn

Fachspezialist Systemlösungen werner.cavegn@semax.ch
041 508 12 12

Thomas Hamilton

Fachspezialist Systemlösungen thomas.hamilton@semax.ch
041 508 12 12

Slobodan Mitrovic

Fachspezialist Systemlösungen slobodan.mitrovic@semax.ch 
041 508 12 12

Vanni Pippi

Fachspezialist Systemlösungen vanni.pippi@semax.ch
041 508 12 12

Alessandro Rizzolini

Fachspezialist Systemlösungen alessandro.rizzolini@semax.ch 041 508 12 12

Pirmin Käppeli

Leiter System pirmin.kaeppeli@semax.ch
041 508 12 12

Our Partners

We work with local national as well as European partners to provide our customers with the best possible products and service.

Honeywell Elster

Honeywell Elster is our partner for smart meters and communication modules.


Netinium BV is our partner for the Netinium Head End System.

  • Encontrol

    Encontrol AG is a project partner with the ESL-EVU EDM/MDM to the Semax Amera HES.

  • Ensor

    Ensor AG is our partner for smart meters and water meters.

  • Girsberger Informatik

    Girsperger Informatik AG is a project partner with the SILOVEDA EDM/MDM to Semax Amera HES.

  • LMS Services

    LMS Services GmbH is our partner for ripple control systems, ripple control receivers and modern radio-based switching and control solutions.

  • Swisscom

    Swisscom AG is our connectivity partner for mobile and wireless solutions.

  • SoftProject

    SoftProject GmbH is our partner for the Amera digitalisation solution.

    • esolva

      esolva AG operates the Amera HES as an ASP or FSP solution. Furthermore, esolva AG is a reseller of the Semax Honeywell Elster portfolio.

    • BKW

      BKW AG is a reseller of the Semax Honeywell Elster portfolio.

    • SAK

      St.Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG are a reseller of the Semax Honeywell Elster portfolio.

    • Swistec

      Swistec Systems AG is a reseller of the Semax Honeywell Elster portfolio.

      Our history

      The company Semax AG was founded in 2011 by Severin Fischer. In the same year, the company took over the representation of Elster GmbH for the whole of Switzerland. Even then, the focus was on electricity meters and metering systems.

      Thanks to the broad product range and local expertise, demand has risen steadily. Semax is therefore expanding and today employs more than 40 people in production, sales, engineering and development.

      Our products and solutions are used by around 130 small and medium-sized utilities as well as large electricity companies. For many years, Semax has been assisting various utilities throughout Switzerland with the roll-out of smart metering solutions and is available to provide support and advice.

      We have been manufacturing Honeywell Elster AS3000 and AS3500 electricity meters in Cham since 2015. We label and parameterise the devices according to individual customer requirements. The production process, including calibration and testing, is carried out in accordance with MID and national approval (CH).

      Semax has been active on the market with two smart metering systems since 2017.

      Semax has been ISO:9001 and ISO:27001 certified since 2018.

      Since 2019, Semax has been active as a system integrator for smart metering systems in Switzerland. We offer the full range of services from meter parameterisation, communication, system and interface engineering to the digitalisation of smart metering processes.

      Semax has been working with Ensor AG as a project partner in various projects since 2020.

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